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Growing Kids Into Big Worshipers of God

The WorshipForKids Conference 2024 on April 19-20 is coming up soon! This is a perfect time to get engaged,  equipped, and encouraged with your ministry teams for summer ministry. With God's strength, the WorshipForKids Conference excitement will last throughout the year! Come get inspired to lead worship that will refresh your hearts and ministries!

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The WorshipForKids Conference 2024 aims to inspire all aspects of worship. There will be a focus of leadership musically and spiritually. This will include inspiration, presentation, and motivation. Specialized workshops will include writing, movement, and storytelling. The worship experience includes more than just music. Our desire is to help develop and deepen the musical and spiritual aspects of worship as a whole in order to help lay the foundation of worship that will last a lifetime.

Conference Presenters

Workshops Include:

Leading Worship


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