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Refresh is an event where children's leaders gather together for encouraging, engaging, and equipping each other for leadership. Leaders from the San Diego area and beyond attend this half day retreat full of worship, prayer, and delicious food in appreciation for their dedicated hearts of ministry to serve the children of their communities.

I really felt like God was there with all of us in that room, and I really appreciate your words of wisdom and your listening ears as I needed a place to share what's been happening in my life recently. You two are really great role models and your care of people, even those you just met, is truly evident. I'm grateful.


See you January 31, 2024

What you can expect at REFRESH

The Invitation

The schedule begins with a custom made invitation that has been carefully designed by our Refresh team.


When you arrive at 9:30am, the Refresh event begins. You are greeted at the check-in table. There you will check-in, receive a name tag, and begin to enjoy the delicious coffee, goodies, and decor that has been especially designed for you!

From the Heart

From the Heart is a time when you have an opportunity to share with the group. This time of sharing blessings, experiences, and expressing needs speaks to all hearts. It brings unity to the group and brings personal insight for ministry and daily living. This time also gives you a voice in a group who understands what you do in ministry and also brings encouragement to all!

Special Message

A special message is prepared for each Refresh. Tools for ministry, personal growth, and feeding the soul are what the message brings. A dose of encouragement is always included to minister to hearts in a practical and meaningful way.